IronTcl for Windows

The x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) binaries are available below.

They are being provided free to the community on an "as is" basis under the same license terms as Tcl/Tk itself.

How to Install

Please note that the string "<base>" in the steps below represents the base directory where the ZIP archive gets extracted.

  1. Extract the downloaded ZIP archive to the base directory where Tcl/Tk should be installed, while preserving path information.
  2. Optionally, add the directory "<base>\Tcl\bin" to the PATH environment variable.
  3. Optionally, create a copy of the file "<base>\Tcl\bin\tclsh86t.exe" named "<base>\Tcl\bin\tclsh.exe" (i.e. in the same directory) to ease integration with other software packages.

Digital Signatures

For security purposes, all executable and dynamic-link library files available for download have been digitally signed by "Mistachkin Systems". Please verify that all digital signatures are intact after downloading.

As an additional security measure, all files available for download have a corresponding OpenPGP signature file, with the official release signing key hosted on an entirely different network.

How to Purchase

To purchase a commercial license or support contract for IronTcl, please contact the Eyrie Solutions sales department via email:

Please use the sales alias for the Eyrie Solutions domain.

Commercial customers may request a digitally signed Windows Installer Package.

Obtaining Support

Several different levels of support contracts are available and will be serviced by Tcl/Tk experts. Please contact the sales department for more information.